About Peregrine Oil & Gas

Formed in August 2004 and headquartered in Houston, the Peregrine Oil & Gas companies conduct exploration, development, production drilling and workover operations in the Gulf of Mexico. These operations include Federal OCS and State Inland Waters. Peregrine’s primary objective is to economically identify, acquire, develop and produce hydrocarbons in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and across the coastal basins of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Peregrine implements its  business model with industry partners primarily via the following conduits:

Acquisition: Peregrine acquires both developed and undeveloped properties with significant remaining Proved Reserves and substantive marginal upside yet to be captured. Management’s experience in diverse asset exploitation across varied hydrocarbon basins enables creative win/win offers designed to meet a broad range of seller’s needs as inducement to divest.

Farm-outs: Peregrine specializes in leveraging low risk economic drilling opportunities that don’t traditionally fit major and large independent E&P company’s minimum hurdles. These prospects when identified, risked and implemented provide Peregrine i) superior return on investment multiples, while ii) managing P&A liabilities for late life fields and iii) increasing royalty revenue to the farmor and Peregrine and iv) accretive growth adding proved reserves.

Partnering: Peregrine openly invites partnering with peers and larger companies either as the operator or as a non-op participant.  Peregrine excels in providing low cost efficient operatorship and bring substantive technical expertise to evaluate, identify, exploit and  produce shelf projects needing motivation.